I'm committed to advancing the field of reproductive medicine and improving outcomes for my patients. Explore my qualifications and research.
Research & Publications.
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  • 2023 Fellow of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (FRANZCOG)
  • 2019 - Masters of Reproductive Medicine with Excellence, University of New South Wales.
  • 2016 - Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (DRANZCOG).
  • 2015 - Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, James Cook University.
  • 2014 - Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery with Honours, James Cook. University.
  • 2013 - Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery, James Cook University.
On-going research projects.
  • Li. Y, Robson. D, Macarthur. S, Bonifacio. M, Marren. A; Reproductive Outcomes in Embryonic Mosaicism: Segmental Mosaicism vs Whole Chromosome Mosaicism. (Submitted to ANZJOG, pending response).
  • Wright. J, Robson. D, Watson.G, Brown.C, Marren.A, Li.Y; Incidental diagnosis of B-cell lymphoma on endometriosis excised for fertility treatment: A case report. (submitted to The Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynaecology, Oct 2021).