Future proofing

your fertility.

Egg freezing gives you the choice to try for a baby on your terms.
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Here are some

Good reasons to freeze.

Preserve your fertility.

Women may choose to freeze their eggs to preserve their fertility and increase their chances of having children in the future, especially if they have a medical condition that may affect their fertility or are undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy.

Personal preference.

Women may choose to freeze their eggs for personal reasons, such as delaying childbearing until they are financially or emotionally ready.

Career goals.

Timing is everything. Women who want to focus on their career, education or other life goals may choose to freeze their eggs to postpone motherhood.


Waiting for the right partner to co-parent with has its challenges. Increasingly, women are embarking on a solo fertility journey. If that’s not for you, egg freezing may be an option that takes the pressure off, allowing you time to establish a co-parenting relationship before trying for a baby.

What's involved
with egg freezing.

Briefly, a woman will undertake daily injections to grow a group of follicles that will hopefully contain eggs. She will take another injection to prevent premature ovulation as the follicles mature and grow in size.

During this time, blood levels and ultrasounds are undertaken to track the response to the medication. To collect mature eggs, the woman will undergo a brief outpatient procedure to collect the eggs with transvaginal ultrasound and a small needle is inserted into each follicle through the vagina. Once the follicular fluid is drained from each follicle, it is examined by a trained embryologist who will look for the eggs to freeze.

Will freezing increase
my chances of success?

This is a difficult question to answer and will largely stem around each individual woman’s age, personal circumstances, and reproductive goals. As women naturally age, the number and quality of eggs will progressively decline.

There are no guarantees of fertility from egg freezing, however, it is a valid and good option for many women to provide some additional reassurance depending on their personal circumstances. It is important to discuss your unique situation with a fertility specialist to determine if egg freezing is a good option for you.

When should I
freeze my eggs?

Studies have clearly demonstrated that as women naturally age their egg number and egg quality progressively decline.

The time to freeze your eggs is an individual decision.

It is strongly recommended that you seek advice from a fertility specialist to get a personalised consultation and advice specific to your own situation if you are considering this as an option.

How do I proceed with egg freezing?

how to get your eggs frozen.

Many patients will come to a consultation without any investigations ordered. This is completely fine – we can order any / all necessary tests needed at the time of your initial consultation. However, if you would like to arrange your tests ahead of time, there is a standard panel of tests we order for every patient considering elective egg freezing. This includes:

  • A Pelvic Ultrasound with an Antral Follicle Count
  • Anti-Mullerian Hormone
  • Hepatitis B Serology
  • Hepatitis C Serology
  • HIV Serology
  • Syphilis Serology

Your general practitioner or referring clinician can often arrange these investigations ahead of time and we can discuss them at your initial consultation.

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