Male Infertility

Male factor infertility accounts for approximately 40% of all couples presenting with infertility.

One of the first steps to understanding the underlying cause of male factor infertility is performing a routine semen analysis.

Male Fertility Testing
Semen Analysis

This is a non-invasive test which will look at a number of factors relating to sperm in the ejaculate. This includes:

  • The number of sperm per mL in the ejaculate
  • The sperm count as well as the ability of the sperm to swim (the motility)
  • the shape and size of the sperm (the morphology).

Should there be an abnormality in any of the above parameters it can sometimes provide an explanation as to why a couple is struggling to fall pregnant.

Advanced Sperm Tests

There are sometimes further advanced sperm tests that scan be performed in select situations, one such example is a couple who has had recurrent pregnancy loss. In this case we would look at something called the Sperm DNA fragmentation, and this is performed via a Sperm Chromatin Integrity Test (SCIT). High levels of DNA fragmentation in sperm can be a factor in subfertility and miscarriage. Another example of an advanced sperm test would be anti-sperm antibodies.

If a sperm abnormality is identified, pleasingly there is often preventable or reversible causes underlying this. A good example is lifestyle modifications. We know that high amounts of alcohol, overweight or obesity and smoking use are all extremely harmful to sperm function. Changes in diet, exercise, minimising or ceasing alcohol and quitting smoking can significantly improve a semen analysis parameters.

Abnormal Sperm Causes

Other underlying causes of abnormal sperm parameters could be infection, hormonal imbalances or genetic abnormalities that may require additional investigation and specialist advice and guidance.

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